Monday, January 14, 2013


I made a new spray for Steam pal, and Kiwi, Zarnmonster. I started with the "rifleman" taunt gif from Gang Garrison 2 and modified it to make it resemble Zarn's ingame loadout.

I used PS to edit a 64x64 aliased version, extending it from 13 frames to 18, allowing for the green flame fx of the Unusual Larrikin Robin, and made it easier to cycle. The hard part was converting it to a native Source file that could be used in their engine, while keeping the quality up and keeping file size down. From PS I had to export a gif, then use a frame extractor to get alpha'd pngs (pngs out of PS were too large), then used VTFedit to make a VTF and VMF to place in the folder hierarchy. And after many attempts and ingame attempts, I succeeded!

Z and a Demoman lookin' ingame.

And like all TF2, there has to be balance...

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